Do Google Ads Work?

Sure Google Ads are at the top of search results, but will they work for your business?

You see them at the top of the search result pages when you search for local services, stores or restaurants. But do they actually work? How expensive is it? Can my competitors clicks on my ads? How much should we spend in Google Ads a day? These are some of the questions we've come across as we've been navigating the online marketing industry over the last 20 years, literally since the beginning of pay-per-click advertising.

The answer is yes, Google Ads do work. If your pay per click marketing campaign is built out properly, it can drive a ton of traffic and deliver a fantastic ROI for your business. At the same time, if your PPC campaigns are created with a too broad of target, it's really easy to waste a lot of money, super fast. This is why it's important to hire an expert online marketing company to build out your SEO and SEM campaigns.

The Bottom Line with Google Ads.

Pay per click advertising works, is it right for every business? Maybe not. Could it be right for yours? Let's see. If you're interested in starting Google Ads for your company, let us know. We don't have a cookie cutter solution for our  pay per click campaigns, our method is building out custom marketing campaigns to propel each business in their own special way.

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