U.S. Outdoor

In 1997, US Outdoor became a pioneer in selling outdoor gear online. US Outdoor continues to innovate in ways to serve the outdoor community from their home base in Portland Oregon. The Pacific Northwest is special for the collection of outdoor activities and Portland is perfectly positioned just an hour from just about any kind of outdoor activity you may be looking for.

Our Relationship

For the past 20 years, Webfu has been working with US Outdoor on everything related to their website. We cut our teeth here in the late 90's and continue to work directly with their entire team. US Outdoor is more than a client, they will always be our baby.

Strong Flexible Foundation

The site was programmed in Adobe's ColdFusion which allows for rapid custom programming. The website works with a database that in continuous communication with the brick and mortar retail store's inventory system.

We've given the site several design and functionality upgrades over the years. We've built admin tools, reporting tools, and customized the site to handle specific needs. The site is capable of handling complex product sourcing with shipping from multiple warehouse locations. This was no small feat to seamlessly merge that into the various stages of their current processes and code.

Maintenance & Hosting

To keep the site secure and moving forward, we continue to manage their web hosting account and site updates. Our strategy is to make sure the site can handle rapid growth in traffic during the most critical times of the year during late fall and early winter.

Site Speed

Having a site load quickly has always been a critical aspect and a site with so many product pictures can be a challenge. We strategically cache pages, images, and queries. We leverage world class content delivery networks to make sure that images are already sitting on servers located everywhere in the world.

Continued Love

It's our baby and we want them to continue to lead in the industry. We routinely talk to ownership and management about challenges they have and solutions we provide. Our insights have always been welcome and we appreciated being considered part of the USO Family.

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