Maui Wave Riders


Maui Wave Riders is a family owned and operated business dedicated to providing surf students with incredible experiences in a fun and safe environment. Their versatile surf instructors are able to adapt their teaching styles to the unique abilities of each student, ensuring that every person who steps foot on a board walks away with a smile on their face. The kind and accommodating staff at Maui Wave Riders will go to any lengths to provide experiences that will be the highlight of your tropical getaway. Exploring the calm Pacific Ocean waves has never been easier, and students at Maui Wave Riders have the option of learning to Surf or Stand Up Paddleboard (SUP) to get their fix of the island lifestyle. Friendly and accommodating for students of any age or gender, the process of learning to surf is as simple as choosing a lesson and booking an appointment.

Maui Wave Riders introduces these unique water activities to students through education, practice, and patient guidance. Showcasing an island lifestyle that can only be fully grasped by participating, Surfing and Stand Up Paddle boarding provides avenues of growth that are beneficial to the mind, body, and soul of those who choose to paddle out onto Maui’s gentle waves.

Founded in 1997 by Tom Castleton and driven by a passion to bring lifelong memories to families from all over the globe, the team at Maui Wave Riders wants nothing more than to help students thrive and grow on their boards of choice.


Maui’s premier Surf School of Maui Wave Riders was founded by Tom Castleton in 1997 and has grown to help aspiring surfers catch their first waves ever since. With over 31 years of surfing experience, Tom has successfully taught thousands of eager students the fundamentals of this great activity in one single, smile-inducing session.

Tom has surfed some of the largest waves at the Pipeline on the North Shore of Maui, and has been featured in numerous surf magazines and movies. His coverage has been seen by fans of the sport from all around the world, and he brings the extent of his expertise to the team and students at Maui Wave Riders!

Incredibly patient and undeniably experienced, Tom makes his students feel safe and excited throughout the entire lesson. His teaching style is easily adaptable, and adjusts to the abilities and needs of each individual student. By bringing his tried-and-true teaching technique to his dedicated team at Maui Wave Riders, Tom has been able to guide students into their first waves for decades.

With water safety and Fun at the forefront of every lesson, students can look forward to cruising the waves with Tom and his Maui Wave Riders crew during every session!

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