Local SEO

Local SEO 

If you’re not being seen, you’re not getting the exposure that you need to succeed. In the modern age of instant-access to a plethora of knowledge and information, you need to stand out in new ways to ensure that you don’t blend in with the rest of “lesser-than” options. 

SEO, or Search Engine Optimization, refers to the list of applicable businesses and services that are readily available to consumers from the moment that they hit the “Search” button on their phones, computers, or tablets. The phrase “If you’re not first, you’re last”, is more than applicable here, and is tied to the state of your business in ways that can make a significant difference to your customer base. 

If you’re not appearing in your local maps, you should be. With more and more people using their Yellow Pages as door stoppers, the internet age is the new Wild West for accessing information - and you want to be a pioneer of it. Whether your customer is searching through search engines such as Yahoo, Google, or Bing, you can capitalize on effective SEO to appear at the top of their results list. 

Along with listing your website at Bing, Yahoo, and Google locally, here are a few other websites where we will list your business:

  • JudysBook.com
  • Yelp.com
  • SuperPages.com
  • YellowPages.com
  • BrownBook.com
  • GlassDoor.com

Make your website present in the modern landscape by using SEO to your advantage. If you’re not at the top of the search results, you may as well be at the bottom. For insight, information, or to get set up in the maps section of all search engines, call or email one of the Portland SEO Consultants today. 

Citation Building and Auditing

Defined as referencing your business by name and address on another website, business citations create exposure through reference. While they may not provide a link leading directly to your site, a citation is a terrific way to reference your business information and lead more people towards your service. By leveraging high-quality third-party sites to build citations for your business, you’ll be able to benefit from increased exposure, by way of an external site creating a virtual billboard for your customers. 

By auditing crucial information regarding your business, Webfu ensures that you are accurately represented in the vast internet landscape. In doing so, you’ll have an error-free local presence that streamlines your customer base and sends them your way. 

Google My Business Account Optimization

By optimizing your listing and providing your website with accurate category, description, hours, phone number, and images, you can rest assured that your business is as secure on the internet as it is in reality. Your Google My Business listing is akin to a first impression to your potential customers, and Webfu puts the work in to make sure that it’s a good one. 

Local On-Page Optimization

Ensuring that your website is at the top of the list for keywords in your local area is a priority, and ensuring that Google understands the importance of your business in your specific region is absolutely necessary. Boosting your content, headers, title tags, schema data, and meta data for easily accessible visibility ensures that when customers are searching for industry leaders in their local area, your website appears front and center. 

Building Online Reviews

Because 88% of consumers reference online reviews before they commit to purchasing local services, your website needs to build trust by making these reviews readily available. Online reviews are a relationship-building tool that comes not only from your product, but also from the experience that your customers have while supporting your business. Webfu can assist you in implementing an effective online review acquisition strategy - so that when a customer has a positive experience with your brand, they open the doors for future customers to do the same. 

Schema Markup & Structured Data

Links from others websites reinforce your authority in your specific industry, as well as make up the largest portion of Google's ranking algorithm. In short, if you want to rank highly in your local area, you must demonstrate an authoritative presence in the industry. This authority can be built as time goes on by creating links to your website from other websites. Generating brand awareness, demonstrating industry-leading experience and expertise, and simply being seen on the online marketplace all assist your site rank higher through Google’s unique ranking algorithm. 

Webfu brandishes all of the knowledge and experience necessary to boost the presence of your website, placing your business at the fingertips of your customers. Even in a saturated market, your utilization of proper SEO practices can make your business appear in the forefront of the various search engines, guiding potential customers in your direction. 

Utilize the full functionality and practical guidance of SEO with your business and provide your business with the boost that it needs to reach its full potential. With the internet and online research being at the forefront of the mind of the consumer, it is imperative that you use every tool at your disposal to make sure that your business is in a place where the customer is looking. 

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