Link Building

At Webfu, we've been building links for over 20 years for our clients, during that time we've seen the landscape change quite a bit. In the long run, a link building campaign helps to bring in new leads, which will in turn increase your revenue. It will bring in more organic traffic by developing the links between your website and other authoritative sites, which will boost your search engine rankings. Link building is a strategic process that requires forethought and execution from the ground-up when producing your content.

What is Link Building?

Link building is considered the cornerstone of any SEO strategy. You simply cannot get great organic search results without effective link building. The reason for this is simple: search engines want to see that users are engaging with your content. Link building revolves around getting other sites to link to your pages. The more links you have, the more it shows that you are producing reliable and authoritative content. However, it’s not as simple as that.

Not All Links are Created Equal

It’s not enough just to have a lot of links to your website. We will make sure that you have relevant web pages linking to you that will add to your site’s credibility and increase your search engine rankings. Links are a crucial way for search engines to know which sites are relevant to which searches, so if the links that point back to you are not related to your content, it won’t help. There are many strategies we use to make sure that you have only the best links. They include:

  • Performing link audits
  • Keyword research
  • Website SEO analysis
  • Link optimization
  • Repairing redirect errors
  • Finding link targets
  • Repairing broken links
  • Defining keywords
  • Anchor text issues

Our methodical link building process will ensure that you have high-quality links that will show search engines why your site should rank highly for your chosen keywords. The best strategy is, an sustainable inbound link strategy that will help generate traffic to your website for years to come. Your inbound links will stay relevant, and broken links can be quickly fixed and replaced.

Crafting an Inbound Link Profile

Your backlink profile is the collection of domains that are linking to your site. The stronger your profile, the better your site will rank for given keywords. Building a strong profile means appealing to the right domains within your industry, and finding sites that will link back to yours and provide true value.

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