Greg is a truly a Portland SEO Expert! We have been working with him and his online marketing team since we opened our business in 2004. As a career marketer, I can say with conviction that working with Greg has done more for our company's internet presence than any other effort we have pursued.

Greg convinced me early on that the key to doing quality SEO/Search Engine Optimization work is to be consistent and disciplined over a long period of time. His advice has paid off in spades and as a small company we rank higher for our targeted keywords than companies that are 100's of times our size.

Brooks Gilley, Owner

I heard about Greg through two different people who told me was a Portland SEO expert. I was shopping around for an SEO company anyways so it was nice that two different people referred him to me. Every other person I talked to from other SEO companies tried to give me the "hard sell" and wanted my money immediately! Not Greg. He was genuine, up front, and didn't even try to persuade me to hire him. I love that.

His work speaks for itself and its kind of like going to a nice restaurant and not needing the staff to convince you to eat there because you've heard that its good because all your friends tell you and you confirm that they were right! He brought my business from page 5 to page 1 in 3 months online and was well worth the return on investment. I'm one of his clients and will be for a LONG time.

Givelle Lamano, Owner

As a small business owner in a competitive new technology area (digital signs) you are constantly making choices about where to spend what limited marketing budget you have.

Obviously, you need a web site. So you talk to as many people as possible and build as good of a site as you can on the budget you have. Now it goes live and the leads just pour in right, wrong.

I knew going in that the ipSigns site was likely to be low down on the natural search engines like Google. What I was not prepared for was it being well below the 30th page. No one was ever going to run into it there. I mean this is a new industry. We are not selling life insurance. I paid for some “AdWord” ads. I think some of my competitors “clicked” knowing it was going to cost me money.

That is when I started to look for someone skilled in what I refer to as the “dark arts” of natural search. I was prepared to work with someone in any part of the world. I mean why not? But, what I did first was to put the term “website Portland” in Google. That is how I discovered WebFu which was ranked #1.

My thinking was that anyone who could get to the top of that page not only knew something about website design but also knew about natural search. Granted its taken over a year but Greg has helped ipSigns from having almost zero search engine visibility to being on the first page or #1 for all of our keywords.

I can assure you that many of my large competitors have taken notice of the incredibility results WebFu has achieved. Greg is a man of few words and much action. He has helped ipSigns immeasurably. Recently, a very large prospect landed on the site. When I asked the contact how he found me his answer was simple, Google.

I highly recommend that you work with Webfu. They get results and at a price even small companies can afford. The only companies I would NOT recommend work with WebFu are my competitors. Let them hang around on page 30!


Terry Scannell, Owner

The SEO world is saturated with many companies that promise you the world, but Webfu is the only company I've worked with that has actually cracked the mysterious code of website ranking. The follow through and attention to detail by the team and in particular Greg is commendable and as a customer I felt they truly cared about the success of our business.

Rebecca Hynes, http://rebeccahynes.com