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Want to Be Found? Use Organic Search Engine Optimization

As the owner of a website you may be wondering what is the best form of internet marketing today? The answer to this question is simple, the best form of internet marketing is without a doubt organic search marketing.

Thanks to internet keyword studies, we know that most people who search for products, services, and solutions online prefer organic search list by a ratio of 6 to 1 versus pay per click advertisements, or sponsored ads. This means that organic search vs PPC has a HUGE advantage!

It's easy to see why more people prefer organic search listings versus pay-per-click or sponsored ads. Anytime someone conducts a search on Google and sees the paid advertisements at the top of the page they know that businesses are paying to be in those prime search positions versus organic search listings which have a natural look and feel.

In 2019, consumers are not against paid search traffic all together but, since most people have been using the internet consistently now for up to 20 years, the average individual who conducts a search on Google understands the type of search result that they are getting.

Instead of clicking on a paid ad; a mom, dad, grandma, or grandpa will be more likely to click on the organic listing because they understand that the paid advertisement will most likely be tied to a page that they will be marketed to, and most people don't like to be sold when they are just looking for basic information online.

Why You Don’t Want to Waste the Time of Your Future Customer

People who are searching for information on the internet in today's day and age are busy, and they don't want to waste their valuable time scrolling through unnecessary pages to get to the answers that they are looking for. This is why if your website must have excellent content which can provide awesome value to the reader. When this occurs, you can count on the person who reads that content bookmarking that page, potentially sharing it with a friend, or posting it to social media. One well-written page could literally bring 10,000 more visitors to your website every month, or 1,000,000, depending upon your business, location, or your niche.

More Reasons Why Organic SEO IS Important

Besides saving you potentially thousands of dollars per month that you will not have to be spending on pay per click or sponsored ads, organic SEO is also important because, those search results will serve as a prime endorsement for your companies products, services, or solutions.

A page one search result is much like a billboard advertising fast food for a major brand like McDonalds or Dairy Queen. When people pass that billboard on the highway, they know the quality of the food or product that they are going to get and the same is true with a page one search result.

Top of The Mind Awareness, or TOMA, was something that was first pioneered by McDonalds and you can position your business on the top of the mind of consumers in your local area when you have excellent content on page one of search results for your industry, business, or niche.

Yes, organic search engine marketing is worth its weight in gold because, not only will the organic search content on your website place your product, service, or solution in excellent presence on page one of a search engine, it will also bring more traffic to your website In terms of increased page views and also website visitors.

Once your website starts receiving all that traffic, the next step is for your website to start converting that traffic into leads for your business and ultimately sales.

Good Content is The Key to Success Online

These days, having good content on your website in the form of well written copy is the key to success online because, as we mentioned above, the average person who uses a search engine these days is just looking for information ranging from anything that they could do to help them lose weight, to information on the best restaurants, shops, stores and other businesses in their local area.

Although having good content on your website is important, we're definitely not ruling out e-commerce transactions because, studies have shown that e-commerce is more popular on the internet than ever before in this day in age. The average person would sooner purchase their toilet paper online rather than driving to their local store to buy it, especially if they can save money on the transaction.

If your business relies upon making e-commerce sales, the goal should be to offer consumers good content that the individual who reads your website will find to be useful rather than trying to sell them up front.

Searchers Rely on Top of Mind Keyword Need

If you're just getting started with marketing your website online, or you’ve had a website for a while and are looking for ways to increase your traffic, there's no doubt that creating good content and getting more organic search traffic can seem frustrating because of the time commitment involved.

The good news is that by investing time and a little effort into creating good content for your website, or hiring the right people to create it for you, that content can literally mean the difference between the success or failure of your business.

How do we know this? Recent statistics have shown that keyword searchers these days are relying upon the top 20 organic search results that will help solve their immediate need. This means that the search results that can be found on page one of search engines like Google, Apple, Yahoo or Bing will be the search results that people will want to explore further rather than continuing on their search by clicking on page two of the search engine that they are currently using.

To capitalize on consumer demand for quality content on the internet, the content that you publish to your website must be professionally written an easy-to-understand manner, by a native English writer, then once it's written, that content must optimized for SEO on your website and published.

After publishing the content to your website and optimizing it for the search engines the content that you had created to bring more organic search traffic to your website must be professionally marketed online and submitted to the search engines so that search engines like Google can index the copy and publish those results on the first page of their search results.

What Does It Take to Get Started with Organic Search Marketing?

If you read this article this far, you're definitely committed to getting started with organic search engine marketing for your business and who wouldn't want to? The content that you publish will capitalize on organic search engine traffic, potentially bring in tens of thousands of new visitors to your website per month, leads, and also sales for your business.

Yes, traffic, leads, and sales are definitely the byproduct of having organic search traffic but, getting started with bringing that organic search traffic to your website is what it's all about. We can talk about it all we want or think about it, but the reality is that the content actually has to be created and posted to your website if you really want to benefit from it.

To get started with bringing a substantial volume of organic search traffic to your website each month from content that you write and publish, or ultimately hire an internet marketing company to create and publish that content for your business, you have to do the following:

You have to be prepared to monitor keywords related to your business, niche, or area, on a regular basis just so that you can ensure that your company is currently ranking for those specific keywords online.

Once you identify new keywords that your business is not ranking for, you have to be willing to sit down and write new content for your website that's based on those specific keywords.
After creating content, you also have to be willing to publish that article or new page to your website, complete all on page search engine optimization, and off page SEO, before notifying search engines that they should crawl that new page on your website.

Sound like a lot of work? The reality is that creating good content for any website that will bring in thousands of new visitors each month from organic search traffic does require a lot of work but, if you want to do it yourself, all you have to do is be willing to commit creating content for a website on a daily basis that will ultimately result in bringing in more organic search traffic.

If you're unable to commit to creating that content for your website, we understand! Content creation is a full-time job in of itself!

You most likely are the owner of your business, sales manager, and the person who everyone else comes to when they have questions or need help in the business so you most likely don't have time to create that content yourself.

What's the solution to your problem?

If you don't have time to create content yourself, you have to be willing to hire someone that you could trust to create content which will bring in more organic search traffic to your company website.

When you hire someone, you want to have confidence that they are not only going to write original content for your website themselves but, you also want to have peace of mind in knowing that the company you choose is going to use “White Hat” SEO to optimize the content for the search engines rather than utilizing “Black Hat” SEO.

Sadly, many companies in today's world are inadvertently hiring foreign outsourcing agencies on websites like Fiverr who engage in “Black Hat” SEO techniques and they don't even know it. Instead of utilizing a freelance website, we encourage you to only connect with a company that you can trust. This means that you should choose someone in your local area who has the experience and references to back up the claims of how they can help your website.

At Webfu, we've been helping companies in the Portland Oregon area, and around the world with their search engine needs for years. Unlike our competitors, we're not afraid to refer you to businesses that we've helped because we stand by the quality of the services and solutions that we can offer to businesses that we serve.

Leverage Our Organic Search Marketing Experience

If you're tired of working with shady freelancers who promised the world but never delivered on their promises or local internet marketers who said one thing and did another, we encourage you to connect with us today.

Our SEO consulting company is comprised of experienced individuals who are masters when it comes to organic search marketing, PPC marketing, website design, social media management and so much more!
You can count on us to answer your questions and provide you with a precise plan which will show you how we will help you to leverage organic search marketing and bring more traffic to your business website then you can ever imagine.

It doesn't matter how big your businesses, or small it is, size doesn't matter! What does matter is the quality of your content that could be found on your website and the ongoing strategy that you're using to promote thet content on the internet.

Many companies in today’s world are only owner operated companies but they are able to compete with major global brands because they have great content posted to their websites and are able to convert the traffic to their websites into leads and sales.

Let us help you grow your business with more organic search traffic! To earn more about the services that we can offer you contact us today by calling (503) 381-5553 or connect with us online by using our contact form.

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