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Webfu Web Design & SEO has a place on DesignRush Agency Directory

Webfu's presence in the DesignRush Agency Directory is a significant achievement for our team, and we are thrilled about it. is a prominent directory platform that offers comprehensive guide-lists to assist individuals in finding the most suitable professional agencies based on their specific needs and requirements. This platform meticulously evaluates and ranks numerous agencies,…
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Content is King

Content is and always will be King, and with the right combination of creatives on your side, you can make your mark in the ever-growing internet landscape. The iconic phrase “Content is King” was coined in 1996 by visionary business magnate Bill Gates, and is more relevant today than ever before. In a world that…
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Do Google Ads Work?

Sure Google Ads are at the top of search results, but will they work for your business? You see them at the top of the search result pages when you search for local services, stores or restaurants. But do they actually work? How expensive is it? Can my competitors clicks on my ads? How much…
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Should You Use WordPress for Your Website?

You’ve probably heard of Wordpress, since it’s the most popular Open Source Content Management System (CMS) in the world. It’s also our choice when we develop websites for our clients. 75 million website owners can’t be wrong: it’s a superior product to anything else out there at the moment. It is completely free to install…
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