Content is King

Content is and always will be King, and with the right combination of creatives on your side, you can make your mark in the ever-growing internet landscape.

The iconic phrase “Content is King” was coined in 1996 by visionary business magnate Bill Gates, and is more relevant today than ever before. In a world that is bolstered by consumable content produced by creative minds, the concept of producing attention-grabbing, relatable content is inextricably linked to exposure, momentum, and loyalty that can propel your personal brand to new heights. 

Previously reserved to define the programs aired on television to families across the globe, the power and ability to create content has undoubtedly evolved. The internet has allowed virtually anyone to create compelling content, with formats that range from short adverts to long-form narrative-driven videos that push a singular idea. 

No single individual is incapable of producing content, and every company in existence has the potential to create work that is truly special. 

With content being able to circulate around the planet in the blink of an eye, the production of memorable, high-quality material is of paramount importance for those who pursue staying power among their audiences. While content is produced at a rate that is more rapid than has ever been seen before, that very same content can fade in relevance in an increasingly short window of time. Creating content with true staying power means utilizing the combined efforts of an in-tune, tapped-in team that lives and breathes in the internet ecosystem. 

When it comes to content creation, creativity and ingenuity will always be at the forefront of innovation. Successful content doesn’t rely on the creation of stellar copy alone - video, film, even somewhat obscure methods of visual entertainment like stop-motion photography are employed to create an engaging landscape that generates interest, attention, and brand loyalty. 

Transferring the content present in a printed magazine into the digital realm is simply not sufficient when it comes to creating stunning content - the words, imagery, and theme must all come together to create a comprehensive product that has true longevity. 

In his initial essay from 1996, Bill Gates states that the creation of content, and the financial responsibility that comes along with it may be a challenging concept for employers to wrap their heads around. In modern times, content creation has spawned an entirely new system through which these content creators can acquire financial stability by doing what they love. 

The typical payment model has been turned on its head for creatives and influencers that live in the online world, and the online landscape has been forever changed by the systems that have been set in place due to this shift. 

The importance of creatives in the workspace is more crucial than ever before, as the shift from consuming media through television to tailored, algorithm-based advertising is already complete. Advertising is semi-interactive, and is catered specifically to the determined wants and interests of the individual consumer. 

For instance, Carpet Company, a clothing brand out of Baltimore, Maryland, released a sneaker that was created in collaboration with Nike SB. They generated excitement for the sneaker in the weeks and months prior to the release, relying on clever content and effective branding to maximize the hype surrounding it. Carpet Company stated that the shoe will be released in limited quantities, and once it has sold out, it will be gone forever. When the shoe was released, it sold out in minutes. Hungry consumers gathered all of their resources to purchase the shoe online the moment that it was available, and the best part about the entire thing? The image of the shoe itself was never released until it was available to the public. 

By tapping in to the specific interests of the consumer, brands can create content that guides them to their products. It must be engaging, unique, and effective at the end of the day. Some content won’t even be directing the consumer towards a particular product, but rather serves as a connection to the brand itself. By solidifying or establishing relationships with those who view their content, content creators and brands can create an almost-tangible connection with those who view the content that they put out - generating loyalty, expanding their reach, and elevating their presence in the internet landscape. 

Content will always be King, and will always function to enhance or detract from the image that you want your brand to put on display. By creating content that communicates with the consumer in an intellectual, emotional, or spiritual way, you can forge bonds and generate interests that mean more than money trading hands. Invest in your content creators and elevate your brand by investing in the content that you create, and witness consistent growth in a rapidly changing world. 

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