As a small business owner in a competitive new technology area (digital signs) you are constantly making choices about where to spend what limited marketing budget you have.

Obviously, you need a web site. So you talk to as many people as possible and build as good of a site as you can on the budget you have. Now it goes live and the leads just pour in right, wrong.

I knew going in that the ipSigns site was likely to be low down on the natural search engines like Google. What I was not prepared for was it being well below the 30th page. No one was ever going to run into it there. I mean this is a new industry. We are not selling life insurance. I paid for some “AdWord” ads. I think some of my competitors “clicked” knowing it was going to cost me money.

That is when I started to look for someone skilled in what I refer to as the “dark arts” of natural search. I was prepared to work with someone in any part of the world. I mean why not? But, what I did first was to put the term “website Portland” in Google. That is how I discovered WebFu which was ranked #1.

My thinking was that anyone who could get to the top of that page not only knew something about website design but also knew about natural search. Granted its taken over a year but Greg has helped ipSigns from having almost zero search engine visibility to being on the first page or #1 for all of our keywords.

I can assure you that many of my large competitors have taken notice of the incredibility results WebFu has achieved. Greg is a man of few words and much action. He has helped ipSigns immeasurably. Recently, a very large prospect landed on the site. When I asked the contact how he found me his answer was simple, Google.

I highly recommend that you work with Webfu. They get results and at a price even small companies can afford. The only companies I would NOT recommend work with WebFu are my competitors. Let them hang around on page 30!


Terry Scannell, Owner