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Bringing Commercial Designs Home - Stout Tanks & Kettles started over a decade ago in 2009. John Watt bought a fermenter for his home brewing hobby and realized that it was much different than a commercial product. It had threaded fittings that came into contact with the beer, for instance. This not only caused unsanitary brewing, but it also required thorough and arduous cleaning every time it was used. This gave John an idea. Why not incorporate commercial brewing designs to home brewing equipment? Stout Tanks and Kettles was soon born after the development of a steel conical fermenter that had tri-clamp fittings and valves, which provided a sanitary brewing process.

The outstanding quality of durability of the equipment that we were producing caught the attention of homebrewers everywhere. Stout Tanks and Kettles became the market leader in innovation for homebrewing fermenters and kettles. Homebrew enthusiasts could now make the brew they wanted using commercial-quality equipment. Some of these innovations included bottom outlet mash tuns, tangential inlets on brew kettles, and hot liquor tanks with built-in recirculation ports. As the years have gone by, we are consistently on the cutting edge of new homebrew designs and advancements to bring commercial brewing home.

Brewing is in Our Blood
The founder of Stout Tanks and Kettles, John Watt, had been an avid home brewer for many years before he opened his own microbrewery in 1996. His love of brewing had pulled him away from a career in corporate offices and led him to his true love. He operated the business through creativity and guile, using whatever equipment he could get his hands on, whether it was new brew tanks or a very used bottle filler to create a brew he could call his own. In 2005, after 9 years in business, he sold the brewery and headed back to his home state of Oregon to try something new.

Nano Brewery Market Leaders
Those years of experience relying on creativity and know-how allowed John to build Stout Tanks and Kettles to what it is today. The goal of our company is to help brewers of all experience levels to create their best beer at the most affordable prices. We not only help homebrewers, but nano breweries and microbreweries turn to Stout Tanks and Kettles for help when they need equipment that will perform for years without busting the budget.

Craft Brewery Gurus
Are you considering starting your own brewery? Make your first call to Stout Tanks and Kettles to give you the guidance you need to reach your goals. We know what it takes, and can help you with every aspect of your brewery dreams, from business planning to assembling your system. We can even help you with troubleshooting and working on unique problems that are bound to pop up. We are about more than just equipment, we share your love of brewing and will help you with everything you need to create an amazing brewing experience.

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